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Synopsis: Every great adventure has a beginning that needs to be shared. Find out how Yuri met Chopito, “The Flying Squid,” and how they decided to form the most lovable pirate friendship you can imagine.

Values: On “Turtle Island” Yuri discovers that his favorite beach is covered with trash. In this beautiful journey, Yuri will save the beach and meet numerous friends including Chopito, “The Flying Squid”.

In this adventure you will learn a universe of things - such as ocean ecology, friendship, respect, and ingenuity. In addition, children and parents will learn the secret pirate song and what is stranger than a moon-shape star fish. Can you guess?


- Language: English, Spanish

- Ability to design and personalize your own character

  (Name, Skin Tone, Hair Style, Eye Color, Clothes, Accessories)

- Narrated voices in Spanish and English.

- Ability to record your own narration.

- Animated pages.

- Original music composed for each page.

- One educational game to clean the beach

   using challenging patterns.

- Parental guide and activities to enrich the whole experience.

- Enhanced index menu to navigate the app.

- Help and support menus.

Project subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain


Yuri and The Flying Squid on

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